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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Water and Coastal Management



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Alumni Testimonies

Ali Shaaban

"Erasmus Mundus offered me the greatest experience ever. I added to my academic background in Communication Engineering a new perspective in Water and Coastal Management and environment which resulted in a highly qualified job position as Wireless Systems Engineer in a top company specialized in Wireless Communication Systems. I am based in Italy but the headquarter of the company is in New York and I often travel to some of the other branches in Milan, Paris, Taipei, Chicago and London.

It was a unique 2-years Master Degree Programme in a multicultural context, I had the opportunity to study in excellent European Universities. I had the chance to travel, meet people from all over the world and share experiences that I would recommend to anyone."

Ali from Syria

Intake 2014-2016

Dieu Anh Dinh

"WACOMA has fulfilled my European dream. From every class to field trips and laboratory works, I have had the opportunities to achieve vital knowledge and experiences from wonderful teachers. I could learn beautiful languages and cook their cuisine from each country I’ve stayed. It has given not only the chance to explore the rich of European culture and history but I’ve also share and exchange culture with my amazing WACOMA friends. This is an incredible journey in my life that I will never forget."

Dieu Anh Dinh
from Hanoi, Vietnam

Intake 2016-2018

Oxana Sytnik

"Studying abroad doing Erasmus Mundus Programs turned out to be the best time of my life. It was unique from the personal as well as the academic point of view. I ended up studying in many countries, England, Spain, Italy. It was full of great moments and discoveries, life-time lasting friendships and a total immersion into new exciting cultures, an experience that changed my life completely. It was definitely challenging for me in some ways, however I learned so much about myself and it also helped me develop in so many different ways; I never thought I would be able to overcome these challenges on my own. I am now able to see it as a learning curve within my life, as well as an absolutely fantastic challenge that I appreciated and loved every minute of. Career-speaking, doing Erasmus Mundus definitely increased my employability prospects. Erasmus Mundus has opened many doors for me, and it gave that world knowledge that helped me to position myself in the world and get a new job in my research field. A few months ago I got a postdoc in Brazil, I believe that being Erasmus Mundus graduate made a big deal in getting the job."

Oxana Sytnik from Russia

Intake 2009-2011

Natália Alencar

"Studying at the University of Bologna was a remarkable experience, we were introduced to Coastal and Marine Management with high quality teaching, fieldtrips and laboratory work. We were constantly encouraged to take a step further and think outside the box, always assisted by experienced professors. Apart from the academic life, a very inclusive environment supported by the University promoted the integration of international students during all the semester, giving us the opportunity to meet other people and share our culture.
Aiming to focus my research on Social-Ecological Systems, I found in the University of Algarve the right place to work on my thesis. As part of my thesis plan I had the unique opportunity to do an internship at Future Earth Coasts International Project Office in Ireland, which was an amazing experience to learn from top coastal and marine researchers, expand my network and add new perspectives to my research.
I would never be able to imagine all the opportunities that being part of Wacoma would offer me, all the great people I would meet, friends I would make and cultures I would explore - and for that I am truly grateful."

Natália Alencar from Brazil

Intake 2016-2018



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